2024 Elections

2024 will be a busy year for elections. Visit MyVote.wi.gov to see when the elections are scheduled for 2024. You can also register to vote at this site. After January 1, 2024 it’s also  a quick and easy wat to request an absentee ballot.

Open Book Meeting

The Annual  Open Book Meeting will be held May 23, 2023 at the Town Hall between )1:: am and Noon.

Little Rice Fire Dept Recruiting Event

At some time in your life, you probably wanted to be a firefighter. Now is your chance!! A recruiting event will be held on Saturday June 25th from 10a.m. to noon at the Fire Department located at 3737 Highway Y, Tomahawk. 

Please plan to stop by to ask questions, meet the team, learn more, and grab an application.  

Past due Taxes and Dog Licenses.

Just a reminder that the past due Personal Property taxes ae to be sent to the Town Treasurer, Ruth Wohlers at 2544 W. Killarney Dr, Tomahawk, WI 54487. Personal Property taxes past due after April 30,will be sent to collections. Personal Property Parcel Numbers Start wih LRPP-. 1-1/2 % per month  interest is charged on all past due Persoanl Property taxes.

Past due Real Estate Taxes MUST be sent to the Oneida County Treasurer. The Town Treasurer can not accept Real Estate Taxes after January 31.  Sending the payment to the Town treasurer will cause a delay in the processing of the payment.  Real Estate Parcels start with LR-.

All Dog Licenses must be renewed by April 30, 2022. After that a late fee will be charged.  Please provide a COPY of the rabies certificate, not the bill from the veteranarian, as well as a sgtamped self-addressed envelope.




Tax Bills available on line.

The tax bills are available on- line at https://ascent.co.oneida.wi.us/. You can go on-line to access the bill and send in your payment.   Make the payment out to the Town of Little Rice and be sure and add the parcel Number(s) you are paying.   Send your payment to : Ruth Wohlers, Little Rice Treasurer, 2544 W. Killarney Dr, Tomahawk, WI 54487.  The payment must be post marked no later than January 31, 2022. The bills will be mailed in the next week.

To see the complete information see 

Tax Insert

Past due Real Estate taxes

Just a reminder that past Real Estate Taxes must be sent to the Oneida County Treasurer. This is for any Real Estate Property taxes due as of Hanuary 31, 2021 and older.  Real Estate has a parcel number starting with “LR-“, with 3 or 4 numbers after it.  Be sure to include that parcel number with your payment.   If you are paying with a bill pay service make sure the parcel number is on the memo of the payment.

Fire Department recruitment event

The Little Rice Fire Department is hosting a recruitment event on Saturday, July 17, 2021 from 10 am to Noon at the fire station at 3737 Highway Y.


We are recruiting for firefighters and Canteen workers.  We also have some support positions such as grant writers available.  Come and check us out! 


This is an open house, so come anytime between 10 am and Noon!


Giving back to your community is priceless.  This could also be the start of a great career.  We provide firefighter training!


You don’t need to live in Little Rice proper, but around the area would be great.


Hope to see you on Saturday, July 17 10 am until Noon at the fire station!

Smoking Hot Summer Raffle!

The Little Rice Fire Department is selling tickets for their Smoking Hot Summer Raffle!  Tickets are $100 and we are only selling 200 of them, so get your ticket now.  Call Chief Larry Mathein at 715-612-5514.  This is our fundraiser for 2021, so please help us out and have a chance at winning one of 20 cash prizes!